What I didn't expect - changing my baby boy's nappy for the first time

Written by Karen van Beek

My first child was a girl. When you’re changing a baby girl’s nappy and they pee mid-change, the pee just goes down and lands on the nappy underneath - mostly.

I will admit I was a little bit nervous before my second baby, a little boy, arrived because I really didn’t know what to expect in the nappy department, but as it turns out, I did not think it through well enough before the first nappy change.

I was in hospital for one night after having him and I’m pretty sure he had at least 5 dirty nappies that night. So, at about 2am, I’m changing one of these dirty nappies. I learnt with my daughter to lay the fresh nappy under the dirty one for a speedy and effortless transition to catch any mishaps, so I deployed this tactic on this occasion and considered myself well prepared for the task.

Concentrating on the business end of the baby to make sure everything was clean, I really wasn’t paying much attention to anything north of the bum. Just as I was finishing up with wiping, my little boy starts coughing, like a choking kind of cough. I was so startled and scared and quickly moved my attention to his mouth to figure out what was going on. Sure enough he had water in and around his mouth! It took me a few moments to follow where the water was coming from and realise that, in fact, my brand new baby boy was weeing into his own mouth, in a perfectly arched stream! Yup - nearly killed the guy on Day 0. Well done, Me.

I don’t even know how I recovered from that, but there was a full costume change involved for the baby. I certainly learnt from that and made sure that little fire hose was covered for all changes thereafter.

Ladies, if you are pregnant with your first boy: This is pretty much all you need to know. You’re welcome. LOL. JK.


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