When you hold that little miracle for the first time, all the pain just fades away.

Written By Felicity Rowe

Photo by Keepsake Photography by Wendy

Pregnancy….. It really is one of the most magical, wondrous and mind blowing things when you actually stop to think about it. That this body created life. Not once, but twice.

If I’m honest, which I am, being pregnant was not my favourite thing. I didn’t enjoy it. Not really at all. Don’t get me wrong, the end result, I LOVE. But the journey to get there, not so much.

I didn’t really suffer morning sickness with either of my pregnancies, just a bit of a foggy head and an all day hangover feeling for a few weeks in the first trimester, which easily subsided if I ate some carbs or heavy starchy food. Cheese on toast, potato in any form and burgers - winning!

I exercised easily through the second trimester and well into the third with the first pregnancy and managed regular PT and kickboxing sessions with the second one. I didn’t really suffer fluid retention or sleepless nights, and still got around in a decent pair of heels quite easily.

But…..The reflux. Oh dear lord the reflux. I lived on Nexium, Losec and Quickeze. I had to avoid strawberries, tomatoes and anything remotely acidic and my beloved morning coffee was one of the worst offenders for triggering that burning sensation in my throat.

I had severe carpel tunnel in both wrists, resulting in cortisone injections at week 38 of my first pregnancy, in a desperate attempt to relieve the intense tingling sensation and numbness in my fingers. The injections were beyond painful, and gave little to no relief.

No amount of magnesium could cure my restless legs, resulting in a serious case of sheet karate most nights. I would wake with cramping so hard in my calves it was like I had rigamortis and I would wake my husband desperately begging him to help massage away the tension and tightness in my legs, right down to the tips of my toes.

Towards the end, my tummy felt tight, heavy and just uncomfortable. To say I was counting down the days was an understatement.

When I look back at pictures like this, it’s hard to believe I felt any of the ailments I have just described, and that I had such a hard time, as all I see is beauty. And it’s true, what everyone tells you, when you hold that little miracle for the first time, all the pain just fades away, and you know you would do it all again in a heartbeat.


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